Der grüne Berg, Fredi M. Murer, Switzerland 1990, 129'
Out of competion - Special Screening for the 30th Anniversary
Tue. 13.8.2019, 14h30, Palacinema 1

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Since Fredi M. Murer was able to leave his mark on the alpine landscape with the magnificently scandalous 1985 film Alpine Fire, how could we not decide, in 1990, to share Der grüne Berg with the audience of the young and promising Semaine de la critique? That is also a film that leaves its mark on the territory, for in this infamous cinematic Landsgemeinde it questions the witnesses of Wellenberg, about to become a dumping ground for radioactive waste. In its inevitably disturbing way, this cinematic gesture was a byproduct of the Swiss new wave, of which Fredi Murer was an inspired agitator from the late 1960s onwards. We’d had long conversations with him about his art of leaving traces, and sometimes scars, in the landscapes of our lives, with the ability to still, and always, make us into citizen viewers. And what of us in 2019? We are delighted to watch this film again, rooted as it is in lands and memories that are worthy of our undivided consideration.

Jean Perret